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Who we are and what we do

What is Innovation Visa ?


Innovation Visa is a service provided by Portuguese consulting company Bizex – Consultadoria e Projectos to help Non-European entrepeneurs and investors to get Travel and Residency EU Visas by investing in Portugal.

This Investor Residency Visas is a hosting programme for foreign entrepreneurs who intend to develop an entrepreneurial and/or innovative business in Portugal, viewing to allow the granting of visas or residence authorization to these foreign entrepreneurs. This programme is under a specific regulation issued by the Portuguese Government
(Legislative Order Nr. 4/2018). 

Who we are ?


3US Consulting is a portuguese consulting company created in 2013 and with expertise in project finance for entrepeneurs and startups, EU incentives, Regional Development Initiatives and Management Consulting.

We've helped dozens of entrepeneurs to invest and to get money for their projects in Portugal working closely with public authorities for EU incentives, banks and angel and risk capital.

Since 2017 we'e developed an innovative and unique approach to help non-EU residents to come to Portugal and to get their Residency Visas in the country.

What we do ?


We provide a full service for getting Residency Visas for non-EU entrepeneurs who wish to come to Portugal (and EU).

Our service covers from initial Residency Visa issuance to subsequent renewals support until permanent residency, including family gathering.

Our service is fast, reliable, with minimum documents and with no hidden costs based on a unique and exclusive approach and management of the incentives and guarantees given by the Portuguese State to all non-EU entrepeneurs wishing to come to live and invest in Portugal.

We also provide extra services regarding your investment plans. 

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